Factory pipelines & heat exchangers

Biofouling Removal

HydroFLOW can assist not only with treatment and prevention of limescale, but also with eradication of unwanted biological deposits, known as biofouling.

Biofouling refers to the problem of biological material such as bacteria collecting on the surface of equipment and impeding its operation. Commonly bacteria cling to surfaces in a gelatinous layer, which among other problems, can impede heat transfer and reduce efficiency.

Biofouling is particularly a problem in food production or in other industries dealing with biological material (such as paper production), or in cooling systems operating on naturally sourced water from the sea or rivers. HYDROPATH’s patented technology can remove existing biofouling in heat exchangers and pipework and prevent its reoccurrence, saving time and money on maintenance and cleaning.

An example of the benefits of HydroFLOW is shown below. This Ukrainian meat processing plant had a severe biofouling problem in the steam boiler for seven years. Frequent shutdowns were required for deep cleaning which would only temporarily solve the problem. After three months of treatment with HydroFLOW, not only had the layer of biofouling been removed, but the lingering unpleasant odour had disappeared and the bacterial contamination of the output steam had been eliminated.