Swimming pools & ponds

Backwash Reduction and Improved Filtration Ensuring that water quality is at the highest level is an ongoing battle for operators of pools of any size, from Olympic pools and water parks to household spas. In any pool the two main challenges are maintaining efficient filtration of the water, and keeping the bacterial count low without[…]

Cellulose / pulp industry

Non-Carbonate Scale Removal During the chemical processes carried out in the cellulose, pulp and paper industries, ‘green liquor’ (a dissolved smelt mainly consisting of sodium carbonate and sodium sulfide) is causticised by being reacted with calcium oxide in order to obtain ‘white liquor’. This is a crucial stage of the kraft process, which involves the[…]

Limescale and Biofouling Reduction

Cooling towers are vital in a large range of applications, from air conditioning in residential or commercial buildings to large scale cooling in heavy industry and power generation. Cooling towers suffer from a number of problems which HydroFLOW can address. A major issue is limescale on the heat exchangers, which reduces cooling efficiency and requires ongoing[…]